Get our award-winning cheeses however you like them, from blocks and slices to complete meal-time offerings.


Our bold cheese tastes in classic cheese block form, ready to serve however you please.


In a sandwich or on their own, our versatile cheese slices add rich and bold flavor to any occasion.

Cracker Cuts

Our rich & bold cheese, cut to fit perfectly atop your favorite cracker.


Our rich and bold cheese, cubed for elevated snacking at home or on the go.


Bite-sized cuts of two kinds of cheese, paired with crunchy mini crackers or pretzels.

Pairing Boards

A rich & bold cheese board for one. Our favorite cheeses, carefully paired with charcuterie and crackers.

Shredded Cheese

We took the rich, bold flavor of Cracker Barrel cheese and turned it into delicious, thick-cut shreds. 

Sticks & Bars

Rich & bold flavor in individually wrapped bars and sticks make the perfect savory snack when you’re on the go.